Chicago 2L
Members: Kyle Mclean, Gaa Reid, Miranda Rowley
Coaches: Gabbi Gallego
Description of Issues:
Laura Kinney, an aspiring local rap artist and LGBT activist, was arrested for possession of cocaine during a pride parade and was later convicted on paraphernalia charges. During her trial, rap lyrics were admitted as evidence of specific intent to distribute despite a motion in limine to exclude them.  During voir dire, the prosecution used its peremptory challenge to strike a juror that was a member of the LGBT community.  The defense raised a Batson challenge, arguing that the prosecution struck him based on his sexual orientation.
The issues on appeal are as follows: 
1. Whether the Thirteenth Circuit properly found that the District Court was correct in finding the rap lyrics were admissible under Fed. R. Evid. 404(b) but that the District Court erred in denying the motion in limine under Fed. R. Evid. 403, and if so, whether the error was harmless.
2. Whether the Thirteenth Circuit properly held that the Batson test applies to peremptory strikes based on sexual orientation and, that the defendants established purposeful discrimination.
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