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Members: Lauren Marshall, Victoria Fennessy, Caroline Lavenue
Coaches: Matt Olhausen & Zach Young
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Section 301 of the Clean Water Act generally bans discharging pollution into America's waterways. A National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Permit allows certain discharges, as long as the permit holder uses required technologies to reasonably limit pollution.  EnerProg operates a coal-fired power plant along Fossil Creek, located in the fictional State of Progress.  The power plant discharges coal waste into a holding pond ("ash pond"), and over time water from the pond is released into the adjacent Moutard Reservoir. The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) issued a NPDES permit to EnerProg to continue operating the ash pond, until it's closure in 2020. EnerProg challenges the permit as overly restrictive, especially in light of recent deragulation at the EPA following Donald Trump's election.  Fossil Creek Watchers, an environmental group, argues that the permit is too lenient and allows excessive pollution.


1) Whether the final federal NPDES permit properly included state conditions requiring closure of the coal ash pond.

2) Whether the Trump Administration's April 25, 2017 EPA Notice suspending compliance deadlines for the Obama Administration's 2015 Final Effluent Limitation Guidelines for the Steam Electric Power Generating Industry effectively allows EnerProg to avoid the Obama era requirements to stop discharging coal ash.

3) Whether EPA Region XII could rely on Best Professional Judgment as an alternative ground to require zero discharge by 2020, independent of the 2015 notice.

4) Whether discharges from the factory to the ash pond are correctly exempt from NPDES permitting, in light of EPA's 1980 suspension of a CWA provision that originally required permits for certain waste treatment systems formed by impounding pre-existing "waters of the United States."

5) Whether the eventual ash pond closure and capping also requires a Section 404 "dredge and fill" permit under the CWA. 


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