NAAC - Respondent
San Francisco
Members: Erin Gurewitz, Justin Bargar, and Karen Martinez
Coaches: Reid Gaa
Description of Issues:

This year's problem focuses on how Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) applies to law enforcement activity, specifically arrests and stationhouse interviews. Respondents Chuck Gaines and Brittany Fields, who both suffer from mental illness, seek to affirm the Thirteenth Circuit's decision that Gaines has a triable claim under Title II of the ADA. Additionally, Respondents seek to affirm the decision that law enforcement is required to make reasonable modifications to its interview procedures when it is obvious or known that the interviewee suffers from mental illness or cognitive impairment.

Issues Presented:

I. Whether Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act authorizes a claim against a municipal entity based on the failure of law enforcement officers to modify standard on-the-ground investigation and arrest procedures when confronting an individual with known mental illness and neurological impairment.

II. Whether Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act requires a municipal entity to make modifications to its interview procedures when doing a non-custodial stationhouse interview of an individual with a known mental illness and cognitive impairment


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