Asylum (Chris & Bekah)
UC Davis
Members: Christopher Orlando & Rebekah Young
Coaches: Adrienne Subido (Student Coach) & Daniel Zarchy (Alumni Coach)
Description of Issues:

Petitioner Yusuf Badr was born in AlSuria, a fictional Middle Eastern country embroiled in political conflict. AlSuria has been weathering a civil war since 2012, when the FFA, a rebel fighter group, began efforts to oust the sitting AlSuria President, Hassad Basheer. The FFA has taken control over many regions in AlSuria and consistently tries to recruit new members for their cause. Badr was raised in a family that actively spoke in favor of President Basheer. Badr himself spoke out to the media in AlSuria. Following that, Badr was attacked on three separate occasions. After the third attack, he fled to a nearby city, Maken Areeb, that was not controlled by the FFA. There, Badr lived in a group home with other young men and worked as a blacksmith. In mid-2016, Badr fled to the United States upon the death of his father and his separation from all known family. He was stopped by police and referred to the Department of Homeland Security when he was unable to produce papers. 

Both parties contend that the violence Badr faced amounted to persecution, but the parties dispute whether Badr was persecuted on a protected ground and whether he reasonably relocated to a safe area in Maken Areeb.

Issues on appeal:

  1. Whether a nexus exists between Badr’s alleged persecution & a protected ground.

  2. Whether there was sufficient evidence to establish that Badr submitted his application timely, meeting the one year requirement.

Scheduling Contact: Adrienne Subido (
Document(s): Bench memo and other relevant materials will be emailed to judges.
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