Prince Evidence
Brooklyn, N.Y.
Members: Gabriella Gallego and Alyxandra Vernon
Coaches: Naomi Strauss and Paige Adaskaveg
Description of Issues:

I.  The Confrontation Clause of the Sixth Amendment prohibits the admission of out-ofcourt, testimonial statements in a criminal trial, unless the defendant is afforded a prior opportunity to cross-examine the declarant of the statement. The translator that interpreted Ms. Spector’s statements during an interview is unavailable to testify at Ms. Spector’s trial. Does admitting the translation without providing Ms. Spector a prior opportunity for cross-examination violate her Sixth Amendment right to confrontation?

II.  Under the Fifth Amendment, immunity is provided at a defendant’s criminal trial for use and derivative use of their compelled statements. After Ms. Spector was compelled to speak to Remsen officials, a recording of the interrogation was released to the public, which helped aid the FBI’s investigation. Is Ms. Spector entitled to derivative use immunity and must a Kastigar hearing be held?

III.  The Fifth Amendment states that no person shall be compelled to be a witness against themselves through the privilege against self-incrimination. Ms. Spector had the right to remain silent when an FBI agent made accusatory statements to her after she was arrested, but before her Miranda rights were read. Should the Government be allowed to use Ms. Spector’s pre-Miranda custodial silence to prove guilt?

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