Wechsler First Amendment
Washington D.C.
Members: Miranda Rowley, Karl Johnston
Coaches: Mark D'Argenio (Alumni Coach), Rebekah Young (Student Coach)
Description of Issues:
  1. Does the Board's practice of reciting Christian prayer before meetings comport with the history and tradition of outside minister-led prayer authorized by Marsh v. Chambersand Town of Greece v. Galloway?
  2. Does the Board's practice of beginning public meetings with prayer have a religious purpose which places coercive pressures on religious minorities?

Ms. Barbra Pintok, is a business owner in the town of Hendersonville, and also a practicing Wiccan. The Wiccan religion is a pagan religion, and although Ms. Pintok has been practicing for several years she was raised as a Christian. Ms. Pintok experienced a lack of tolerance for her religion from other Christians in the Community.

Ms. Pintok is active in her community and has attended many meetings of the Hendersonville Board of Parks and Recreation. Before each of the monthly meetings commence, one member of the five-member Board starts the meeting with a short prayer. The Board's practice consists of asking the community members in attendees to stand, recite the Pledge of Allegiance, and remain standing to listen to the prayer. At one meeting, Ms. Pintok was in attendance to speak about the denial of a permit for her paddleboat company. After being forced to listen to the Christian prayer recited by the Board, Ms. Pintok was visibly shaken and upset.

Ms. Pintok commenced this action in the United States District Court for the District of Caldon, where she sought a declaration that the Boards prayer practice violated the First Amendment. The United States Court of Appeals for the Thirteenth Circuit found for Ms. Pintok and the Supreme Court granted Certiorari to review the constitutional issues presented. 

Scheduling Contact: Rebekah Young (rebekah.young@uchastings.edu)
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