Washington, D.C.
Members: Erin Lanier and Nicole Vales
Coaches: Adrienne Subido (student coach) and Jessica Dabiri (alumni coach)
Description of Issues:

This case centers on a conflict between the University of Arivada (University), one of the nation's leading public institutions of higher learning, and Valentina Maria Vega. Ms. Vega was a sophomore at the University's School of Arts and Sciences at the time of the events at issue in this proceeding. On September 12, 2017, the University suspended Ms. Vega after concluding that she had violated the University's Campus Free Speech Policy (Policy) for a second time by materially and substantially infringing upon the rights of others to engage in and listen to expressive activity. The incident at issue here occurred during a speech given by Samuel Payne Drake, Executive Director of "Stop Immigration Now" (SIN), at an event hosted by the University's chapter of "American Students for America" (ASFA).


I. Whether the University's Free Speech Campus Policy is unconstitutionally vague and overbroad.

II. Whether the University's Free Speech Campus Policy, even if constitutional on its face, is unconstitutional as applied to Ms. Vega.

Scheduling Contact: Adrienne Subido (
Document(s): Materials will be emailed to judges before practice.
Wed. February 6
12:00PM - 1:00PM K Ashley Ayad
Sat. February 9
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Mon. March 11
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Sat. March 16
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Mon. March 18
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Tue. March 19
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