2L Health Law
Members: Madison Boucher, Kristin Lahaszow, Lex Townsley
Coaches: Zach Garrison
Description of Issues:


  1. Courts have a duty to decide cases and controversies properly presented to them. However, on limited occasions, the political question doctrine requires judicial abstention when resolving the claim would interfere with the legislative and executive branches. Does this doctrine prevent adjudication of Petitioner's public nuisance claim, when the factors outlined in Baker v. Carr are applied, even though the doctrine is narrow and one of limited application?
  2. In Lincoln, a public nuisance is an unreasonable interference with a right common to the general public. Through disingenuous marketing and distribution practices, Respondents consistently downplay the risks of opioid use. Does Petitioner state a plausible claim for public nuisance, when they assert these practices created an opioid crisis in Lincoln, and thus, unreasonably interfere with Lincoln citizens’ public rights?
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