Davis Asylum (Petitioner)
Davis, CA
Members: Leena Sabagh, Bismah Jaffer
Coaches: Jesse Sanchez and Kenneth Taketa (Alumni)
Description of Issues:

Whether the constrution of the DOJ and DOH Security's ayslum regulation, 8 C.F.R. section 208.13(c)(4) is substantially valid under the Chevron test? 

Whether Abel has suffered a well-founded fear of persecution?

Petitioner Carolina Abel is a member of the growing religious group, Stars and Comets Faith which is predominantly practiced in North America, specifically the small island in the Carribean Sainte Michelle.  Governmental parties running for office in Sainte Michelle have called for a nationwide expulsion of all Stars and Comets faithful which sparked violence against members of the religious group.  In fear for her life, Ms. Abel fled in hopes of finding refuge in the United States where many other Stars and Comets safely practice their faith.  However, before entering the US, Ms. Abel had to flee to the bordering country Azteca, which had close political and economic ties to Sainte Michelle.  Ms. Abel suffered further hardship and violence in Azteca and was recently denied asylum based on the Immigration Judge's determination that the incidents in Azteca did not meet the persecution standard nor the fear of future persecution.

Scheduling Contact: Jesse Sanchez (Jesse.Sanchez@UChastings.edu)
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