Members: CJ Connolly & Michael Guan
Coaches: Jenna Zendarski & Miranda Rowley
Description of Issues:

1. Do limitations on the First Amendment exist that permit a public service agency to not enter into a contract that allows a private entity to discriminate based on sexual orientation while certifying foster families pursuant to state-mandated criteria?

2. Are the conditions placed on a religious agency's ability to voluntarily contract with the government to perform a public function on that agency's compliance with key program requirements that allegedly contradict the agency's religious beliefs constitutional under the First Amendment?

Scheduling Contact: Jenna Zendarski (jzendarski@uchastings.edu)
Document(s): Contact Jenna via email if she does not send the bench memo ahead of time. *If practice is full, email Jenna for the Zoom link! We welcome extra judges.*
Wed. September 16
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Thu. September 17
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Sat. September 19
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Sun. September 20
9:00AM - 10:30AM Hannah Diamond Cecilia Grimaldi Mariya Waheed Jesse Sanchez Madison Boucher
Mon. September 21
11:00AM - 12:00PM Cecilia Grimaldi Rachel Winer Mariya Waheed Kimberly Macey
Wed. September 23
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Thu. September 24
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Fri. September 25
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Mon. September 28
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Wed. September 30
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Thu. October 1
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Fri. October 2
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Sat. October 3
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Sun. October 4
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Mon. October 5
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Tue. October 6
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