Health Law (Petitioner)
Members: Kara Flageollet, Nicole Aston and Brandon Hupka
Coaches: Marah Bragdon, Kyle McClean
Description of Issues:
  1. Is Executive Order 2020-16 an invalid exercise of state police powers under Jacobson v. Massachusetts and a violation of Ms. Smith’s Fourteenth Amendment rights through its disparate application to nursing home employees?
  2. Are Respondents required to accommodate Ms. Smith’s inability to wear a mask by engaging in the ADA mandated accommodation process and are they required to prove a direct threat defense justifying the termination of Ms. Smith?
Scheduling Contact: Marah Bragdon (
Document(s): Marah will email before practice
Thu. September 24
8:00PM - 9:00PM Remote
Tue. September 29
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Thu. October 1
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Fri. October 2
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Sun. October 4
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Mon. October 5
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Tue. October 6
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Thu. October 8
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Fri. October 9
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Sat. October 10
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Sun. October 11
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Tue. October 13
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Thu. October 15
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Fri. October 16
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Sun. October 18
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Mon. October 19
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Tue. October 20
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Thu. October 22
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Fri. October 23
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Sat. October 24
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Thu. October 29
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Fri. October 30
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Sun. November 1
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Tue. November 3
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Thu. November 5
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