Tang (Petitioner)
Members: Christin Kim and Zhi Yang Tan
Coaches: Maxim Gorbunov (student coach) and Ronnie Shou (alumni coach)
Description of Issues:

Dr. Leota was born in American Fanua, an unincorporated US territory. She accepted a job as a counselor with the City of Apalsa Police Department in the State of Apalsa. Despite US citizenship being a requirement of the job and her marking that she was a US national, she was hired anyway. While working there, the city became engulfed in outrage due to an episode of police brutality. Dr. Leota Tweeted comments criticizing the use of excessive force after attending a community meeting on the subject. The next day, an anonymous source contacted the police department to inform them that Dr. Leota was not a US citizen and she was fired. She filed suit for unlawful termination.


1) Citizenship Clause - Whether the U.S. Citizenship Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment applies to the U.S. territory of American Fanua such that being born in that territory leads to the acquisition of U.S. citizenship at birth.

2) First Amendment/Employment - Whether Petitioner violated Respondent's First Amendment right to free speech when it terminated her employment based on her social media posts.

Scheduling Contact: Maxim Gorbunov (gorbunovm@uchastings.edu)
Document(s): Maxim will email zoom link and bench memo prior to practice.
Sat. October 3
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Sat. October 10
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Sun. October 11
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Mon. October 12
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Wed. October 14
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Thu. October 15
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Mon. October 19
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Wed. October 28
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