Hastings Appellate Project
Members: Anna Lovelace Owen and Olivia Medina
Coaches: Leah Spero, Stephen Tollafield, and Gary Watt
Description of Issues:

I. Did the BIA err by classifying a Hawaii Theft Code statute § 708-833(1) conviction as a categorical CIMT, without providing sufficient supporting analysis?

II. The U.S. Supreme Court held in 1951 in Jordan v. De George that the CIMT standard is not impermissibly vague, but the Court only considered its application to offenses involving fraud. In light of recent decisions from the Supreme Court revitalizing the void-for-vagueness doctrine, and recognition by this Court that the CIMT standard is vague, should the CIMT designation be declared unconstitutional?


Scheduling Contact: Olivia Medina (OliviaMedina@uchastings.edu)
Document(s): Bench memo and zoom link will be emailed before the practice.
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