New York (Online)
Members: Maddie Thomas & Zhi Yang Tan
Coaches: Mona Razani (Alumni Coach) & Kim Macey (Student Coach)
Description of Issues:

Question Presented:

1. Whether an employee has a common law claim against an employer for the employer’s alleged violation of a public policy set forth in state law related to maintaining a safe work environment and, concurrently, whether an employee subjected to an unsafe work environment, in violation of public policy, may also pursue a common law claim for constructive discharge based on a single instance of being placed in an unsafe work environment.

2. Whether an employee is barred from pursuing a claim of negligence under section 1240(2)(A) of the Wagner Workers Compensation Law (WWCL) when the employer allegedly failed to provide a safe work environment during a novel pandemic.

Scheduling Contact: kmacey@uchastings.edu (kmacey@uchastings.edu)
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Mon. February 15
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Wed. February 17
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Fri. February 19
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Sat. February 20
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Sun. February 21
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Mon. February 22
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Tue. February 23
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Wed. February 24
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Thu. February 25
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Fri. February 26
8:00AM - 9:30AM Demiana Khoury Alex Vicas CJ Connolly Kara Flageollet Jack Haisman
Sat. February 27
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Sun. February 28
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Mon. March 1
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Tue. March 2
Wed. March 3
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Thu. March 4
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Fri. March 5
10:45AM - 12:45PM Hayden Soria Eman Ateyeh Emily Horne Mariya Waheed Hannah Becker
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Sat. March 6
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Sun. March 7
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Wed. March 10
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Thu. March 11
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